Exploring Functional Reactive Interfaces with Cycle.JS

Over the past year I have heavily invested in learning and exploring the Rx ecosystem. I started off using RxJava on Android and where it quickly became apparent how powerful and useful Rx was.

Since then I have been looking to expand my knowledge of Rx by experimenting with libraries outside of RxJava on Android.

While listening to a few podcasts and reading some articles online I kept hearing mentions of a functional reactive javascript library called Cycle.js. I decided to dive in and see for myself what it was all about.

After 48 hours I came away excited about the potential.

I have been digging through the excellent documentation and examples and have been augmenting them to include implementations for things like error handling and progress observation.

I will be slowly adding extra features to some of the examples as I work through them.

I have added lots of comments which makes them slightly more verbose but hopefully you might find some useful examples for things not covered in the examples.

You can check them out here on Github.

Be sure to checkout the next post in the series about creating Components