Stuff I Use

Here is is my everyday digital footprint. These are items that I use nearly every day and I would highly recommend. I add to this list fairly frequently as I upgrade or change things out so be sure to check back often!

Desktop Computer (Retired/Sold)

This custom built linux desktop runs Pop!_OS a debian based distribution and is rock solid for all my development and machine learning tasks.

SuperMicro SYS-E200-8D

This is a small form factor server that I use for hosting a number of different container workloads. Its low power but packs a punch. I paired it with a 1TB NVME SSD as well as 64GB ECC RAM.

14-inch Macbook Pro w/ M1 Max

This is the portable machine that handles everything. I opted for a fairly high spec model with 64GB of ram and a 2TB SSD.

Pro Display XDR

This is one of the most expensive items I have ever bought. It certainly was quite an indulgence but the quality of this monitor is on a different level. I love using it everyday and it allows me to have 3 nearly full width code panes open at once.

11 inch iPad Pro w/ LTE

I take my iPad with me just about wherever I go. I find myself using it all the time for everything that doesn't require an IDE. I opted to go with the LTE model and it was the right choice for me. It helps me get work done during the daily train commute and reduces the tethering needed. My iPad always has internet no matter where I am which is a huge plus.

Airpods Max

These are another indulgence but the sound quality on these are amazing. They also are a nice break from the airpods for phone calls. The mic quality and transparency mode beat everything else on the market.

Airpods Pro

I think the Airpods might be the best product Apple has ever made. Nothing on the market even comes close their size, pairing and connection speed, and portability. I use these whenever I am not sitting at my desk for phone calls and podcasts.

Bose NC 700 Headphones

These headphones have a long lasting battery and are quite comfy for long stretches. They block out most of the excessive noise around me and help me maintain focus when writing prose or code in a noisy environment or on a plane. These are used primarily for travel due to their weight and how they fold nicely into a soft shell case.

Satechi 66w USB-C 3 Port Charger

This three port USB-C charger is my primary travel charger for all my devices. It has enough power to charge everything from my iphone mini to my macbook pro.

Aer Cable Kit

This versatile cable kit organizes all of life's cables, dongles, chargers, and small bits. Its large enough to hold everything I need and fits right into the bottom of my backpack.